International danube day

Danube Day is a celebration of a cleaner, safer river following 18 years of international cooperation. Huge festivals on the banks of the rivers; public meetings and fun, educational events pay tribute to the Danube rivers, its peoples and the progress that has been made. Danube Day strengthens our "Danube solidarity" highlighting that, in spite of our different cultures and histories, we have a shared desire and responsibility to protect our precious resource. 


Join over 81 million people in 14 countries to celebrate Danube Day on 29th June each year and help protect the Danube rivers so they can be used and enjoyed by generations to come. 750 organisations worked together on Danube Day 2011. Help us make the 9th annual Danube Day the most significant yet.

We have decided to play a part in contributing to the situation of the river Danube. One lap of our "global triathlon" will be the kayak tour along the river for 2500 km. From Germany to the Black Sea, crossing all the countries who are boardering to the Danube. This is our challenge to act as a ambassador.


With the help of the ICPDR ( International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River ) we have materials to spread information about the river and the environmental diversity, floods and flood protection,and the interelated problems with sustenance, energy and livelihoods. We want to try to get people active for environmental issues and nature protection. (more informations will follow soon)