Since September 2011, we are dealing with the idea to go traveling again. We thought about "work and travel" in Canada or a road trip with the camper to India, then somehow we ended up withe project Danube. And together we have decided that this project is feasible. Highly motivated and with a long breath, we are now waiting for it to get the kayaky in the water.


wild Danube, take us with you! Show us your secrets, your beauty and strength.

Danube - a river with special characteristics and many faces

On the one hand, the Danube is connecting the European shipping and trade, on the other hand its the demarcation of political interests and sovereign territory. The Danube is the creator of pristine nature and is also lifeline of vibrant cities. It creates space to swamp areas into wetlands and spreads their bayous in a immense Delta to provide a habitat for hundreds of species. And the Danube is straightened and confined by dykes to protect a single species. Along its banks boasts of historical relics, cultural attractions and regional traditions and local delicacies.

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe with a total length of about 2850 km. out of two springs the Danube winds from the Black Forest as the only major European waterway from west to east and empties into the Black Sea as a multi-arm delta.



It flows through ten countries, which are known as riparian states:
Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.


Just over a third of the Danube serves a number of countries as a state border. Another special feature , which is unique worldwide, is that the current mileage will be counted from the mouth of the Black Sea to the source (its the other way around at all other rivers).