Traveling is a brutality.

It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of

all that familiar comfort of home and friends.

You are constantly off balance.

Nothing is yours except the essential things

–         air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky –

all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”

                                                                                                                                    Cesare Pavese

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Island Bulb:

South America 2015

Our route in South America 2015

12.05.2015 - Cusco, Peru


It's been done. A journey across South America is going to finish. Within the last 3,5 month we have been cycling 3000 km. Starting in Patagonia (Chile/Argentinia), continuing along the coastline of the pazific ocean,  north of Santiago de Chile for abouts 600 km, before cycling from La Paz (Bolivia) to Cusco (Peru).


It has been an amazing adventure. We have been taking some busrides in between to see also highlights like the Atacama Desert or the saltflats of Salar de Uyuni. A huge continent with a variety of unique landscapes and friendly people all along the way. Check out the reports we have written or have a look to our latest pictures in the gallery for Peru or Bolivia

Thanks everyone we have met on the way. All the best, keep cycling.

Being in Santiago with Christobal and his family

20.04.2015 - La Paz, Bolivia


Finally we can announce, that we have managed to uplaod our first english report for the cycling trip across South America in 2015. We would like to thank the people we have met on the way, those ones who helped us in the right moments and also those ones who has offered us their homes, their time and their friendship. Thanks a lot.

Enjoy reading the parts about Argentinia, Chile or Bolivia  in the section "South America" on the left.

There are also pictures in the gallery.

Best wishes

Thomas and Elly

2015 - A New Year, a new journey is coming up....

This is a the planned route in Patagonia

Since we are back from our global triathlon, we haven´t been back on the road so far. Small trips and adventures on the side, but nothing "big". But by now, we have created a plan to get out again to see the beautiful world. We are ready to go to SOUTH AMERICA with the bicycles.


We are leaving in mid February and flying to Argentina. We are planning to cycle down south through the rough and mystic PATAGONIA. We are not sure what to expect, but we are looking forward to this country side. Cycling, camping, trekking and beeing outdoors doors!!! Fingers cross that its gone be good :-)


Stay tuned for the first report and pictures about South America!!! we wish you all a fantastic year. Get out and explore.


New Zealand

Kayaking at Lake Monowai in Fjordland

05.04.2013 Gore


South Island


We are exploring the south island. Kayaking in the Marlborough Sound, working in Motueka on a pear and apple farm, cycling 1000km down south along the east coast. Many stories, heaps of impressions and lovely people on the way. New Zealand is great, no question about it! You can read more about the last leg of our adventure in the upcopming report. Its in progress.


For now you can check out this article from the " Southland Times"



North Island


By now we have been cycling the north island all the way down to Wellington. The repot about our adventures on the north island is ready for you to read. Have look at Report 2.

Pictures you can find in the galerie


We are on the South Island already. Working in the orchard in Motueka right now, before we head down the 1000km to Bluff, the southend of the island. Stay tuned

01.01.2013 - Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!


We hope everyone had a fantastic start into the new year and is looking forward to face a chapter of happiness, adventure and meeting people to make this world a peaceful place. We wish you all the best in what ever you do and where it will be. As long as you feel satisfied and happy you are on a good way.


First report about our beginning of the cycling in New Zealand discipline is online. Check the Cycling New Zealand chapter and also the galerie. Have Fun and thanks to everyone we met so far. 

Oscar is part of our start of the Newzealand trip

Auckland 13.12.2012


We arrived New Zealand in mid of December 2012. We could enjoy a few days of couchsurfing at a families place in Auckland. We experience a lovely and peaceful atmosphere with Oscar, Mallika und Steven. At the sane time we got time and help to prepare ourselves for the next adventure. Cycling around the two island of New Zealand within the next 5 month is the plan. We bought bikes, rakes, bags and equipment and could also arrange to apply for the tax number, opened a back account and got a sim card. Thanks for your help and time Steven, Mallika and Oscar. But now it's time to hit the road.... On your marks, get set and go



08.11.2012 - 13.12.2012



"How is it going mate?" - "Pretty good so far."


Welcome to Australia!

After a demanding second discipline, the 15 weeks of trekking Southeast Asia, we were more than happy to arrive the western cost of Australia. Perth was our destination. The attentive Sachin (India) and his flatmate Dave (Canada) were hosting us the first days. We enjoyed another good experience of couchsurfing in a friendly and open minded place. Thanks for the good times we shared. But it was time to move on, 25 km further to the sea.


Fremantle is the place to be. I (Thomas) have been here 8 years ago on my work and travel visa. In this time I met very good friends and now it was time to see them again. My friend "Danger Rus" is a rigger, circus performer and "airierlist". He offered us to stay at his place. A big house with a garden in the back and three lovely chicken was our new refuge. Because of the fact that the house was quiet booked we built up our tent in the backyard. Dermi (Ireland), Ranga (Kiwi), Ziggy (Senegal) and Rus (England) with son Oaky (Australia) have been our family for more than three weeks. We had delicious BBQs together, were dancing at parties or joined the community center F.E.R.N. A lovely project where alternative people come together on a Monday night to eat, chat and play some instruments. Elly also helped them cooking the food for more than 50 people. Also special for this Monday night is that they cook mostly raw and vegan food. For us and our sense of taste a complete different journey. F.E.R.N is getting a lot of support from shops and supermarkets who are delivering food which can't be sold anymore but is still eatable.


Our hunt for food was leading us to the Fremantle markets every Sunday afternoon. Just before they close the venue the sellers will make special prices for vegetables and fruits. Carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, mangoes and apples for a dollar a kilo each. All our activities based on the fact that we bought some useful secondhand bicycles also at F.E.R.N.  45$ each was the price for our independence. We were cruising around Freo almost everyday. I went fishing, playing soccer or even a bike ride to get back in shape was a good reason to push the wheels. And it was a perfect exercise for the upcoming adventures. The last discipline 'cycling New Zealand' is just about to start.


At this point we also would like to say thanks for the good times we shared with Ziggi and to give him some support. Please check out his webpage or even better go and join some events of his African music. Bring us more fire Ziggi.


We also visited Claudia (Seychelles), a powerful woman with so much positive energy and happiness. It was always a very harmonic and peaceful feeling being around with her and her family. She and many other people are giving Fremantle a very unique flair, a place with such a positive vibe and laid back atmosphere that you will fall in love with straight away.

But it's time to move on. Again. For a three days stop over we will visit Melbourne before we catch a plane to Auckland New Zealand. Take it easy mate..

Second discipline: Trekking Southeast Asia




We have left Sulawesi in a never-ending ferry run to Flores. (waiting for 18 hours to drive 40 hours). There we had the possibility to dive again. Facing the strong currents between Flores and Komodo we experienced difficult diving. Elly mastered some new skills in pretty ambitious conditions and is now an "Advanced Diver.  Respect!But the currents are also a reason for big fish passing by. We had amazing moments with the gentle Manta Rays underwater. Unique and majestically!


Best regards from Lombok.








We discovered Malaysia from north to south and west to east. We finished the trip of this country on the island Borneo. What we experienced and learned about food, culture and diving you will find in the report about Malaysia or watch the photos in the galerie.


we have to catch a ferry to sulewsi now. stay tuned.





Read more about the amazing experience of Thailand!! (report "Thailand")


We are already in Malaysia, working on Perhentian Kecil (Eastcoast) in a bar and in a diveshop. Its good fun so far.Nice to be back in the water. Elly saw a Whaleshark :-)






First Discipline: Danube River - We made it!!!



We made it. 2577km of paddling on Europe's second largest river. We start the Danube Tour in Ulm (Germany) and arrived after 2 months and 11 days at the Black Sea in Romania. This was such a pleasant trip, we met amazing poeple, experienced so many new situations, learned important things, saw impressive and stunning landscapes and felt always happy and satisfied. We would like to thanks all the people we have met. You have made this to an unforgable adventure!!!!!


You will find a collections of the pictures in our gallery (Galerie). For more informations feel free to ask.


We are now in Istanbul and getting ready for our 2nd discipline: Trekking Southeast Asia

Lets do it. Stay tuned



This trip is a fantastic movement, enjoying the waterway through europe. Getting in touch with all this lovely people, feeling their territory, tasting their food, drinking their gentle offered high procentage alcohol beverages and be a welcome guest in every backyard. By now we arrived in Bulagria and we want to give something back. Tomorrow is the International Danube day, every year on the 29th of june, the countries along the Danube have their own celebrations. Conzerts, traditional dishes, folklore, prasentations, street art and so will be shown in parks. We arrived in Lom and talked to the organisers of the festival here. We would like to give a pan-cake for every bootle or piece of trash people can bring to us. We will provide the food, have some information-material from the ICPDR ( and try to motivate the people to look after the environment ,which they are living in. Lets see how it goes.


And for you, take care of the nature!!!!

Since 29th of April we are Kayaking down the Danube River. We are doing good so far. We already managed more than 1500km without any big problems. We have past Germany and Austria. the beginning was pretty relaxed, no boats, a lot of animals, a pretty small River with many locks which we had to operate by ourselfs. The nights were cold with minus 2 degress celsius. The River changed at km 2411, no its navigable for big boats and we had to share the waterway with tourist-boats and carrier up to 200m. wich is big when you are sitting in a 4,90m long Kayak called "Otto". We had made 20- 30km in average a day. stayed 2 days a week in a kayak club for a proper shower or to recharge the batteries.


Our way leads us further through Slovakai and Hungary. We stopped in the Capitols Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Sightseeing, Pub-crawling, washing, grocery were the main task we needed to be done. We also hired bicycles to explore the cities. The days and also the nights were getting warmer, the river more broadly and and civilasation less common. We enjyed the nature, saw many beavers, eagles, kingfisher and many different shapes of the landscape. Just my fishing results are a bit weak. dont know why. I need to work on that i guess. But since we arrived Crotia and Serbia we have plenty of food. The people here are fantastic, lovely and hospitable. When we are passing by, the are waving and calling us to come closer. The invite us for coffee, lunch, diner or to stay in there houses. We have had roasted pig and lamm, fresh caught fish, salat and of course typical high percentage rakjia and slivovice besides beer and vine. Its amazing how they are. Sometimes it seems that they have not much, but they give you everything. Thank you so much for that impression!


On ou way we have seen many different sceneries, chnages in the biodeverity of the animals and plants. The riverside varies from human built stone walls, steep wlls of clay, muddy banks, sandy island, trees close to the edge. Very beautiful to see how the river digged his way through every kind of sediment. But one big problem we have realized is the pollution by human beeings. Especially bootles are swamped to the side. hundres of them in just a few meteres. every kind of bottles, tubes, boxes, shirts, shoes, buckets every thing what people are using you can find here!!!! if u see this you start to think a lot of what is going wrong in this world!


We are still in Serbia, and have 990 km to go. We have giacomo, "the man on the river". A fantastic person. we are learning a lot and catching motivation for this trip. He sailed with us on the widest part of the Danube river ( 7km at Golubac). He is on the water since 2 years and started in London for his extraordinary challenge to the Istanbul.

We are currently in the preparation of the "global triathlon" starting with the Danube tour.

These include preparing and repairing the kayaks, assemble the equipment, to design the website and search for sponsors and helping hands.

In the category "global triathlon" you will find more about the latest information and how it will go on in the next few weeks.

5th of april 2012


In cooperation with ICPDR - the “International Commission for the Protection of the DanubeRiver “ we are paddling the Danube as ambassadors. We are trying to get people involved for the “International Danube Day” on the 29th of June 2012. We have received Maps, Flyer and Buttons from the ICPDR to spread some information’s about helping the DanubeRiver. For more information’s check out

7th of march 2012

getting ready for the "global triathlon"!!! (Photo: C. Lindstedt)