drift away

With "drift away" we have put our passion for traveling into a project with which we want to stimulate attention.

Attention to the potential for self-motivated initiatives, for the power to turn ideas into action, transnational understanding, the courage to face adventure, and the joy of being ascinated by the very act of traveling.

We want to embrace the nowadays opportunities to explore the world to experience other cultures and traditions, to marvel at unspoiled natural landscapes in order to broaden our own horizons and to act out our itchy feet and follow the pull of the faraway….

It is the colors, smells, sounds and beauty of every single country, region or city that tempt us and gives us the urge to just go. Security gives way to uncertainty, the new penetrates the well-known and fears melt into strength. Boundlessness is our goal and destination.

We can just let go and will forever remember this feeling of floating.

Via "drift away" we invite you to join us in our adventures.